Scott Banister

Ex-entrepreneur and angel investor.

Public Fried Chicken

Here in UnitedLand, people consider fried chicken to be a very important part of a good life. So important, in fact, that we have a strange set of laws surrounding the purchase of it.

As long as you can convince your employer to offer chicken benefits, you can elect to receive a portion of your income tax-free as fried chicken rather than as dollars. Great deal, huh?

Shielding a portion of employee income from taxes is good for business and good for employees, so there is a powerful incentive for most employers, especially those large enough to deal with the paperwork, to offer chicken benefits. Since most employers are not themselves in the fried chicken business, they each contract with various fried chicken providers (FCPs) to offer chicken plans to their employees.

This arrangement has been in place for many years – so long, in fact, that most people in UnitedLand have forgotten...

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